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problematic blue baguette

i was biting a thick long blue baguette
it was huge and every time i bit it
turquoise sticky liquid came out
and i kept struggling with it
because it was huge and sticky
and my face looked awkward every time i took a bite
because i was opening my mouth way wide
and i looked like an alien from an 80s movie (with cheap special effects)
and everyone laughed at me
and some people thought it was sexy
so they stared at my mouth

i closed my mouth while i chewed the sticky baguette
i used i don't know how many napkins
because the turquoise sticky liquid kept coming out of my mouth
like a waterfall (sort of)
my lips turned hot pink
and i kept hiding my hot pink lips and my mouth with napkins
so nobody would notice the liquid coming out of it
but it didn't work and everyone saw me
and everyone laughed
and i felt miserable
and the blue baguette tasted awful